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"I promise that you can make progress from wherever you are today. Your starting point is not important. "
"I have one dominant goal at all times: To Get Results!"
"Success in business is 80 percent psychology and 20 percent mechanics."
"There are three things that contribute towards slow progress or being stuck: Low energy, Fear and Lack of focus."

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How to Build a Winning Team
Winning Team

Your team can propel you to success or, if you are not careful, they can bring your business down, so knowing how you build your team is critical.

Are You An Effective Leader?

So, are you an effective leader? This is a question that every business owner should ask themselves – and everyday! Whether you are running a business, you are the manager of a large company or in charge of a team of people then you must evaluate your leadership skills regularly.

Can I Learn From a Portuguese Guard Dog?
Portuguese Dog

I Don’t Understand The Portuguese Language… But Can I Learn From a Portuguese Guard Dog?

Is Your Business Bleeding Time?
Time Management

How we spend our time really matters. And spending time doing the right things in business is fundamental to our success.

Newbury Weekly News – 11th June 2015

Business coach, Anthony Fleming, is a success after tough start to life. Abandoned in an orphanage at just 3 years old.

Business Essentials: Feed Your Focus…
Anthony Fleming

Every day the meaning and value of following this advice becomes more and more true: “Starve Your Distractions and Feed Your Focus” For example, we say with passion and enthusiasm that we are going to do X… and what happens? A bomb drops which has nothing to do with X but which gets our attention. So we lose our focus and in a very short time we lose our momentum. If you are reading this no doubt you will agree as it will have happened to you many times.

How do I grow?

Do you have a business that you are struggling to grow or to take to the next level?

Anthony has always been the one ‘to make a difference’

Since Anthony’s arrival in Prestige Network, he has always been the one ‘to make a difference’. His presence and professional and management skills have been a major factor in the success of the company.

You had a very good impact on my business…

Everyone responded well to you. Well who wouldn’t? You had a good team spirit and were able to interact and motivate the associates well. You had a very good impact on my business and were a positive influence on all those around you.

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  • Are You An Effective Leader?

    Are You An Effective Leader?

    So, are you an effective leader? This is a question that every business owner should ask themselves - and everyday! Whether you are …Read More


A Selection of Recent Testimonials

What Did You Say About Me? "I'm excited! Thanks as always for your support, your encouragement and your expertise." – Business Owner, Health Professional & Trainer "Thank you Anthony… it’s been a good year learned a lot made a lot of changes and certainly wouldn’t have got to where we have as quickly as we have without your expertise." – Building Trade &[read more]

Endless Enthusiasm And Positive Attitude

ANTHONY'S COACHING SESSIONS Anthony’s coaching sessions have been very useful to me in developing the business skills required to run a successful business. Anthony has a wealth of knowledge which he used to tailor our sessions to my particular requirements. His endless enthusiasm and positive attitude brought many new ideas which I could develop. He also provided a good sounding board for[read more]

Case Studies

Case Study: Prestige Network

Case Study: Prestige Network

PRESTIGE NETWORK Nature of Business: Language Translation and Interpreting... Customer Base: Public Sector and Commercial... Reach: UK-wide, Europe and International projects... Turnover: < £5 million... Staff: Approx 25... Start Date: June 2012... End Date: May 2014... Summary: I worked with this well-established local company, Prestige Network, of around 25 employees for 22 months. When I started profits were low and there were many issues to address including [read more…]

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